Alright, I first checked with’s TOS, etc to make sure this was allowed and they gave me the go ahead!

Although I’m a self-taught web-designer and have already completed a variety of web projects, I’m currently enrolled full-time into a course that will allow me to present a ‘hard copy’ of such ‘credentials’.  (You know what I mean! I hope.) I’ve an online portfolio available for viewing (by request) if anyone is interested, with the majority of my work being WordPress theme and plug-in customization.

My main skill sets are as follows:

  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Database Management
  • Custom WordPress Themes
  • Photoshop for graphics

What I can offer:

  • Original custom web graphics & design structure
  • Accessible by all &  Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Valid XHTML/CSS mark-up (adheres to web standards & recommendations)

As I’m trying to build a better portfolio, I’m currently accepting projects and at a fraction of the cost. Please contact me for details.