I’m doing this because I long to be healthy, happy and live till I’m as old as Papa Smurf. I want to be around for my kids, their kids, I want to lead by example, I long for them to be proud of me.

With or without the cash prize, it’s a win win situation. ♥♥♥♥♥

How do I win?! By reaching my goal weight! (TBA) Approx 40lbs

Start weight: 178.5lbs

Goal weight: 130lbs

Means a loss of approx: 48.5lbs

I know right, holy EFF.

I realize it’s gotta get a little deeper than just eating celery sticks and working out. So with the guidance of a registered Dietitian and myself my motivation and desperate need to feel alive, I’ve a few vices and challenges to battle in the process, but I WILL get there:


I’m focusing on getting healthier, via good old-fashioned exercise and making better food choices.

In my opinion, while learning how to make lifestyle changes one step at a time and doing things the way I should’ve been doing them all along – the losing weight will simply be a ‘bonus’.


Due to bouts of depression that are sometimes overwhelming and hard to understand, I’ll be seeing a doctor regularly. I met with him once and then stopped, I’ll also be taking the prescribed medication daily and on time.

I take one of them. I stopped taking the Celexa because I thought they were contributing to my headaches, they made it near impossible to rub one-off (reach an orgasm) and I was tired all the damn time.


Cigarettes and marijuana. One at a time.

I’ve an evenings worth of pot left, and yes, I will be smoking it. There will be no more.

Been lots more. Only it isn’t daily.

Cigarettes, TBA.