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New pictures finally added to the before and after.

Is it just me, or are things really fucked up about now?

I’ve spent most of the day numb … I seem to be successfully teaching myself how to shut down at times, it doesn’t always work for me and sometimes works at the reverse moments I want it too, but I’m getting better at it. I spilled an entire ‘bowl’ a little while ago and didn’t give a rats ass, then re-filled it good and took a nice long haul off it … burned my finger. It fascinated me. So I’ve experimented a little. I’ve found something I can control.

4 days left with him. This is just the most fucked up situation and I haven’t the strength to explain it. I only need to survive my arriving day home, April 3oth, I fear that day, I really mean it and that scares me.

I’ve not been sleeping well, up all hours of the night off/on, then wanting to sleep all damn day – so around 10:30 I took a couple of those night-time Tylenol and smoking another bowl now, so all should be better tonight and I’ll get some ZzZzzzz “


2 Scoops in Every Box

I’ve changed a few of my pages just a bit, some to allow comments, and I’ve added a Before & After Pictures page … I know, dear Gawd.

O, I’ve begun using the Jillian Michaels Shred Dvd as part of my work out on some days, just to gimmie a break from the treadmill, mind you the weather here has been mild enough during the day to run outside – but I doubt anyone’s gonna see my ass bouncing down the road just yet … Lol It’s around 28 minutes long (there’s 3 separate work-outs, all around the same length of time) and combines cardio with strength training. Damn challenging, but I love it!

Signed up for a free month of Netflix today, likely only check it out for the month then cancel it though.

Anyway, it’s going on 1:30am and morning comes early!

Will catch up on posts again tomorrow. x