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Well, I must say I’ve had a much better day today … ate well (though I’m picking again tonight, ffs) had a good work out. Moods a little better, not sure what’s been going on with me to be honest, tired of feeling frustrated and about ready to give up some days I guess. Before I forget to mention it, I put my last cigarette out 12:am Jan 1st. I know it’s a good thing yes, but I’d still smoke one (or 10) if I had them.

I am so damn tired lately, always feel like I’m dragging my ass – why is that? I’m eating properly for the most part, getting some excercise, yet I am always tired. Could it be the meds after all? I’ve told the doctor a couple of times that I’ve been getting headaches, feeling sick off/on AND this stuff seriously desensitizes  my you know what and I HATE THAT! But I feel like she’s brushing me off and just tells me to stick with them. I don’t know, I’ve never been very good when it comes to taking anything regularly, so maybe she thinks they’re excuses and I’m trying to get out of taking them?

Anyway, I’d better go – I need to enforce this internet off at 10pm thing on school night … lead by example they say, ha. Whoever ‘they’ is.

Happy New Year Everyone! ♥

It’s now 10:43pm. As of midnight, I will no longer be a smoker … Gawd, please wish me luck – I’m gonna need it. I’ve warned the kids NOT to say a WORD to me about stopping, just please. be. silent. Otherwise, they could unlock the beast inside of me. Lol C’mon, as unhealthy and ‘terrible’ as smokers know it is, we still find it awkwardly enjoyable … however, if I were to be diagnosed with an illness one day, a fatal illness and know I could’ve prevented it simply from not lighting up, well, I just couldn’t imagine. Anyway, that’s my talk to myself, ha. As sneaky as I’ve been over the past little bit, they’ve still known about it.

With that said, I’ve (again) slipped up tonight by making an enormous bowl of nasty popcorn that the kids and I enjoyed while watching a rather shit movie. Plus, I had a bit of Kraft Dinner this afternoon, I did have a great well-rounded breakfast if that matters at all. It’s Ok, tomorrow’s a new day and I’ve not really fallen off the wagon, so to speak.

I’ve still some things I need to change to my daily routine (life routine, really) and some things that desperately need to be done around the place, so here are my New Year Resolutions:

1. Give up smoking.

2. Stop eating after 9pm.

3. Paint at least twice a week, take a picture when a projects complete and post it here.

4. Internet is OFF on school nights by 10pm. (To be replaced with things such as reading, etc.)

5. Limit myself to 2 coffee daily.

6. Get my office area complete.

7. This fire hazard of a basement cleaned up.

And …

8. Write daily in my blog.

Anyone else have any New Year’s Resolutions?!

Hope everyone has a great (and safe!) night.

I wish the very best to all of you in the new year!  ♥ ♥ ♥