My 16 year old son just texted me and said he thinks he’s gonna be suspended … some kid ‘sacked’ him (had to look that one up, ha) then kicked him like 20 times. 😦 RAGE! Sooo … my son smashed his head into the wall and all I could say was GOOD, GLAD YOU DID SOMETHING BACK. Is that bad? My son isn’t aggressive by any means, a bit of a pushover sadly and I know he had to have been really pushed over the edge to do anything back … so many times he’s just walked away from anything physical. Surprisingly, he’s always maintained really good grades despite the daily bullshit.

My youngest son, known for being a funny/silly/comedic kid, is over-weight and has a complete different group of friends than my 18 year old, however, for as long as I can remember, he has been bullied … I remember going to the elementary school one day to pick him up and he may have been 7 or 8, I saw some kid being dragged by his fucking hood – turned out it was my baby animal. 😦

He’s called names as most are, threatened, etc, you know the drill … always the same shit with bullies.

Right or not, I’m glad he finally did something back and a part of me hopes he knocked the punks teeth out.