I know I haven’t been posting as much lately, it isn’t because I’m losing interest – it’s just that I feel as though I’ve nothing to write about aside from my usual, complaining, whining, crying of my ‘failures’ and so on.

Yesterday and today have gone really well, eating properly (and not craving anything junky – though still having those late night snacks), working out, etc. I’ve been sneaking approx 3-4 cigs a day though. I do still want to stop, but I just feel the need to put all my effort into making eating healthy and exercise a regular part of my existence … make those a habit first. When I feel ready to bid my final farewell to the cigs, I will. Cutting back to 3-4 day is just enough that I’m no longer obsessing over my break-up with them.

I’ve still a little pot and have to admit that I was pretty high again last night, it was late and I did it only moments before slipping into bed. Stuck in a movie, laughed a bit and gradually drifted off to sleep.

Bit lost for words. ♥