Been a long, boring, tedious bullshit of a day. Doctors appointment for weigh in, etc is Wenesday morning, and I’ll also be meeting with the dietitian, so that’ll make Wednesday my official starting day.

Gonna fill the bowl and smoke a bit now – going to enjoy it but gonna try not to stuff my effing face, I say that now, ha. Knowing I’ve still 8 days before I start – in one hand makes me wanna take advantage, but Jesus, since I’ve found out I was gonna be doing this I’ve put on another 5 pounds. Lazy slob I am lately, christ. Mind you, I could just smarten the hell up now, but … *gives head a hard shake*

Irritated tonight, worried about bills, Christmas, and so on. Bills are pretty much caught up, but it hardly leaves anything for Christmas, fuck I get tired of this shit.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I’ll not be feeling as useless.